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We are working on the website currently, hopefully most of the updates will be complete by the end of May 2011. Thankyou for your patience.

Price List 2011 - Available

The latest version of our pricelist can be downloaded here (you'll need Adobe PDF Reader or equivelent to view it). The rest of the website will be updated shortly with the new changes. Thankyou for your patience!

Chestnuts Riding School 2011 Price List


Riding Vouchers

Price Changes

The prices listed on this website are now Out of Date, a revised website is being created at the moment, please bare with us while we make these changes.

We've held our prices for nearly 4 years, whilst our competitors have increased theirs, which is something we're proud of, however, due to increasing running costs, the prices of feed and hay have increased every year, we've been forced to increase our lesson prices marginally to cover this.

September Photos

Found a few photos from september on my camera, enjoy:

Homepage Vanished again...

We had a problem with caching this evening, the homepage vanished, it's fixed now!

Rest in Peace Bumble

It's been a bad year, we lost Buster and Shenida during July, and today Bumble sadly joined them, he was one of a kind and irreplaceable, he will be remembered. He had a good retirement, and reached a rather respectable age of 36.

Rest in Peace Bumble:


Bumble Rest In Peace

Buster and Shenida

In the space of a week we've lost 2 of our veterans, Buster and Shenida.

They had long, well deserved retirement together, rarely seperated in their final years, it seems they couldn't be parted even in death.

Rather than be sad, just continue to remember them and the enjoyment they gave you in the saddle.

Never forgotten.

Buster in the field behind the wall

Shenida and Tia near the entrance

Homepage Vanishing!

We've had an issue with the homepage being replaced by photos, this has been resolved now.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Bank Holiday Monday Show 2009 - Batch 02 Uploaded

I've added another 31 pictures (the ones that came out the best) they were added to the existing category:
Like most of the photos I upload, I do have the full-size originals if you want a copy for whatever reason.

May Bank Holiday Pictures Added - Batch 01

I've uploaded the best pictures (not all) from batch 01, which was of Childrens Best Turned out. Some of the pictures look over exposed, the horses were just that clean!
The pictures are being saved under this gallery CLICK HERE.

Missing Photos

I had to roll back the gallery during the week, so some photos you may have uploaded would of been lost, although I've restored them. The only problem is I've not assigned them back to the original users, but they are where they should be.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Photos!

We've added lots of new photos over the last 2 weeks:

And a few others which have gone into the 2009 category.

Closed 30th to 3rd April (Monday-Friday)

Closed 30th to 3rd April (Monday-Friday)
We're closed this week for staff holidays and driveway maintenence. We're still open this weekend 4th and 5th.

More photos from the December 2008 Christmas Gymkana

We've uploaded more photos from the Christmas Gymkana 2008 show.

Many thanks to Paul who supplied them on CD.

Get Well Soon Doug Foreman (our farrier)

On the 24th of February our Farrier Doug Foreman was seriously injured in a car accident. He's on the mend, and we're all wishing him the speediest recovery possible.
Get well soon dougie!
With Love Everyone at the Chestnuts

Display Error In Gallery

We are aware of a display error in the gallery. We should have this fixed this week.

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