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UPDATE: 2016
We no longer have a Regular Riders Club for new customers (some old customers are still moving onto the new PAYG system).
We do however offer discounts in a similiar fashion, if you commit to a fornightly or weekly slot, paid for in advance.
We offer significant discounts to our Regular Riders, this system is called the Regular Riders Club, there is NO Joining Fee the system saves a typical rider hundreds of pounds a year, and also guarantees them a space throughout the year.
If you pay as you go, by booking a lesson when there is an available space (sporadically or ad-hoc), you would pay for the lesson at the time of booking. The Riders Club differs, it's more like a subscription system, you pay for a block/month in advance, which in turn guarantees you that booking until you drop out. It also reduces the price you pay per lesson, and you also become eligible for Club Plus+ prices which are much cheaper.
Examples (both Standard and Riders Club):
Standard Cost (Pay as you Go, 1 at a time)
You ride every Saturday in a 60 minute Group Lesson, this costs you £30 a week. You have to pay weekly in advance, every time you come (you pay on Saturday for the next Saturday). This costs you £120 a month. If you wanted to go for an extra hack during the week, you would be charged standard price, which is £30. Because you pay Weekly in Advance, there is nothing to stop another client Booking your lesson time 3 weeks from now, there is no security with the Pay as you Go System.
Regular Riders Club Cost (Block Payment, Free Yearly Subscription)
You opt-in for the Regular Riders Club System, and ride every Saturday in a 60 minute Group Lesson, this costs you £27 a week (instead of £30), saving you £3 per week. This costs you £108 a month. Additionally, if you decided to go for a Hack during the week, it would cost £22 which is an £8 saving over not joing the club. Additionally, because you pay monthly in advance, you're booking is guaranteed in advance.
RRC Rules:

  1. Our Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.
  2. Payments:
    1. All Bookings Require Payment in Advance
    2. Club Bookings are for Blocks of 4 or 5 Lessons (a month).
      1. This requires paying for the next month on the last booking of the current month.
  3. Yearly Subscription System:
    1. It Runs from April until April.
    2. 30 Days Notice required for Quitting the Club System
    3. You can't rejoin the Club for 6 months.
  4. Cancellations:
    1. No Refunds are Given under Circumstances.
    2. No Credit or Transfers are Given for late cancellations.
    3. Late Cancellations = Less than 7 Days Notice
  5. Transfers Rules:
    1. Maximum of 8 per year.
    2. No Credit or Transfers are Given for late cancellations
      1. 7 Days Notice Required
    3. Not Available during first 30 days of joining.
    4. Are Proportional with remainder of Year. For Example:
      1. 3 Months Left = 2 Transfers
      2. 6 Months Left = 4 Transfers
      3. 9 Months Left = 6 Transfer
    5. Transfers are Subject to Availability

Proprietor S.M Hazelden - M.S.D.C Licence No 0506 (Mid Sussex District Council)

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