How often do you get to take horse riding lessons? If you dont know how to ride? Would it be on a regular basis? or just one day?

You can ride as often as you like providing we have spaces. Teaching someone the fundamentals of Horse Riding doesn't take long (10-20 lessons on average), but like most things in life, mastering any subject takes time.

1 Lesson a week is only 26 Hours a Year in the Saddle, but by that time you should be able to Walk, Trot and Canter to a fair standard, and generally be confident on a horse in most situtations.

Some people say they've been riding 10 years, but have only ridden twice a year, that really isn't any time on a horse, this is the reason we Assess riders before allowing them out of our Indoor School.

Most clients ride once every week, sometimes when they have extra time they take advantage of our discounts and have extra hacks or lessons, which are sometimes 15-20% less than our standard price.

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Proprietor S.M Hazelden - M.S.D.C Licence No 0506 (Mid Sussex District Council)

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