What happens on pony for the day?

There is some information available here: http://www.chestnutsridingschool.co.uk/information/pony-day
Pony for the Day is fun, everyone looks forward to it, and enjoy coming. The aim is a balance of fun and responsibility, with each rider required to look after their own horse, or learn how to, usually involving most of the activities that required if you had your own horse.

  • 2 Hours of Guaranteed Riding, sometimes more.
  • Grooming and Horse Care.
  • Taking up.
  • Untacking.
  • General Stable Management Duties.
    • Keeping your tack clean, washing your bit, changing the girth etc.
    • Keeping the area your horse/pony was tethered to clean while he is there.
    • Putting any Equipment (brooms, brushes, hoofpicks) back after use.
  • Feeding the Horse.
  • Keeping them Supplied with Water on Hot Days.
  • Rugging and Unrugging.
  • Returning them to The Fields or their Box at the beginning of the day.

Nothing to difficult, the typical duties and responsibilities that go with horse care and horse riding.
And we're happy to help anybody learn these skills.

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