Commonly Asked

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we sell many all year round, they make fantastic presents! If you wish to order, please Telephone 01273 503842 or Email Us.

However, we can only sell Introduction/Assessment Lessons and Private Lessons in Voucher Format.

It doesn't matter whether the voucher recepient is a rider, we have to put every client through a mandatory Assessment Lesson if they state they can ride, this is done to improve Health and Safety.

Once the Assessment Lesson has been taken, and known rider has been verified, they can go Hacking instead. One 30 Minute Private Lesson has the same value as a 60 minute Hack on the South Downs.

So typical combinations for presents for an adult are:

  • 1x 30 Minute Introduction / Assessment Lesson = £25 (adult)
  • TOTAL = £25 + £2 Postage and Packaging = £27 Payable in Advance


  • 1x 30 Minute Introduction / Assessment Lesson = £25 (adult)
  • 1x 30 Minute Private Lesson = £30
  • TOTAL = £55 + £2 Postage and Packaging = £57 Payable in Advance


  • 1x 30 Minute Introduction / Assessment Lesson = £25 (adult)
  • 2x 30 Minute Private Lesson = £60
  • TOTAL = £85 + £2 Postage and Packaging = £87 Payable in Advance


Can you confirm the rider has no Medical conditions that require doctors approval.
Can you confirm the rider meets our Height / Weight Guidelines: Maximum Weight 14 Stone at 6ft or Higher

Our Terms and Conditions Apply.
Vouchers are Valid for 365 Days.
No Refunds Available.
All bookings are subject to availability.


Horse Riding Voucher Sample: Chestnuts Riding School

We will hopefully have a simple online store so these can be purchased online in 2009!

Your Age Limits/Restrictions

The following rules apply for young children:

Minimum Age: 4 Years and Over

Age 4: Horse/Pony Rides (led by a handler)
Age 5: Minimum Legal Age for Private Lessons
Age 6: Recommended Minimum Age for Private Lessons

There are 2 reasons we recommend children be aged 6 and over before starting Private Lessons.

  1. Most children will have reached a height where they can make meaningful input themselves (short children will have problems being able to squeeze and make contact with their legs, if they are not longer than the saddle).
  2. The teaching won't be wasted, younger children don't always understand everything that is being said to them, or they are often extremly shy and won't acknowledge a stranger. (although riding is a great way to increase someones confidence!).

Once children are 6 and older, these issues don't usually apply. So this is why we recommend age 6-7 for starting Private Lessons, however, everyone is different, we're willing to discuss to individual cases. But managements decision is final.

Do you offer Riding Holidays?

Currently we don't have the facilities to allow customers to stay on the premises for a holiday, however this could change over the next few years.

However, Brighton is an amazing town, full of Hotels, B&B's, we could potentially offer you a package deal on riding for a week if we had space. Although I would advise enquiring via e-mail or phone first (01273 503842).

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