Riding Lessons

Can I be assessed or complete my introduction lesson in a Group Lesson?

This is determined during booking, ideally all assessments would be taken in a Private format, 1-to-1 with an instructor. We do allow experienced riders (years of experience, own horse etc) to take an Assessment Lesson in a Group Lesson, providing they feel confident enough.
You must be able to demonstrate proficient Walk, Trot and Canter, as an example, the first 2 motions, and probably the third  with no stirrups whilst doing exercises. If you can't do this, or think you might fall off, then a Group Assessment isn't suitable for you.

Are you a member of the BHS, or do you have BHS qualified instructors?

We do have BHS qualified instructors, and staff training towards higher levels, we feel it's important for riders, staff and anyone with an interest in horses to consider completing the BHS exams, but exams are no substitute for experience, which all of our staff have plenty of.
We're an extremely popular riding school, and we've done it without being BHS or ABRS approved. Although we're considering it, as there is an increasing interest by the younger riders and instructors to take exams.
Additionaly, we've trained many riders over the years at our center to take the BHS exams at Exam Centers, and they've passed with flying colours (even some in 2009), so we're obviously doing something right.

Do you teach 'skill at arms'?

We don't teach Skill at Arms to the general public. There's far too much risk for any insurance company to cover it at a reasonable cost.
We have taught various stuntmen in the past, and this is assessed on an individual basis. We don't have all the equipment needed to teach full contact jousting, but many of skills required, like falling off in all directions, as safely as possible could be taught currently.

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